• First  the citizens should elect SAVER candidates for town rep and selectboard.  This will help ANY of the legislative actions below.  These actions lead to the project being redone cheaper and better, and then perhaps another vote by the RTM (representative town meeting / reps).
  • The reps will vote on the town budget again in March.  Reps should amend the budget to eliminate interest payments for the bond, or reject the budget.  The people can force a referendum on the budget if it is approved.  Then there would be a town-wide vote on the budget, and the SB would have to do it over.
  • The board can approve the October-November referendum.  There were not Then there would be a town wide vote on the bond.
  • BEST   The board can still easily undo the bond.  The new board has the option, and it should simply make a resolution or declaration of intent that they will not use the bond until the project is redone (cheaper and better). The October bond vote is not a mandate.  It only authorizes the board to spend money.
  • Citizens should draft an ordinance to repeal the bond.

Many people are calling for a charter amendment providing town votes on large expenditures.  We might want this to be in effect when the project is re-done, and it may come up for another vote.

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