Youth Vote
Initiatives to empower and inform younger Brattleboro citizens within the democratic process. Efforts include speaking arrangements with schools and a rejected amendment to the town charter that would have granted citizens aged 16-18 the right to vote on town matters.

Pro-Democracy Amendments
Proposed amendments to the town charter to facilitate greater citizen engagement and reduce the effects of legal (but unethical) voter suppression measures.
Restore free speech: allow people’s resolutions all year, not just one day.
Restore self-governance : RTM mustn’t block the peoples’ petitions
Budget veto: Allow time for referendum on excessive spending
Term limits for RTM : six year maximum, three years before returning.
Paid voting leave: 2 hours max, so low-wage earners can afford to vote
Unified elections: town meeting in November for higher turnout and lower costs
Restore Town Grand Juror to enforce local legislation without police.